Monday, August 20, 2012

Patriots Game Observations

Here are my thoughts about the Eagles and their pre-season game against the Patriots.

  • Nick Foles continues to impress.  And I mean REALLY impress.  He showed incredible poise for a rookie, a strong arm and toughness to hang in the pocket under pressure.  I do remember feeling similar about Bobby Hoying but there was something much more fake about those expectations.
  • This has to be the deepest defensive line in the NFL.  They just keep coming after the quarterback.  The second and third teams too.  They have some serious number issues with how many ends and tackles to keep because unless there are injuries, there are two or three guys getting cut that will end up playing on other teams.
  • Phillip Hunt had the best game amongst the lineman.  I thought Fletcher Cox looked good too.
  • Mychal Kendricks is a total beast!  He was all over the ball right from the first snap.  Can you imagine him turning into a Terrell Suggs type playmaker?
  • Demetress Bell has looked totally lost in limited action so far.  Not playing with instinct at all. 
  • Both starting corners looked solid.  I really think they will have a much better season in a man to man system.
  • Demeco Ryans through two games has not been the game changer that all Eagles fans were hoping he would be.
  • I loved seeing some fire out of Big Red when calling out his defense.
  • The Eagles have got to get better on 3rd down.  They will lose every game if they keep giving up 3rd down conversions especially via penalty.
  • These replacement refs have got to go.  If not, we are in for a lot of 4 hour games this year.
  • Ryan Howard has 13 RBI's in his last 12 games.

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